Imaginalis Srl

A Knowledge based Medical Device Company, constantly active in technological innovation and focused on solving specific medical needs in the medical CT imaging market; Imaginalis Srl has developed an innovative high-resolution 3D CT imaging technology for the vet market and the stratigraphic analysis.

Imaginalis S.r.l. has been incorporated the May 24th, 2013. Founders brought into the company 30 year experience in high tech opto-electronic and mechatronic technologies. Common vision was to drive these skills into the medical field, starting from the vet market, to deliver the most advanced minimally invasive technologies available to everyone. In 2014, Epica International Inc. joined Imaginalis, becoming the main shareholder. In 2018 Imaginalis Srl has 28 employees and a turnover that is over 8.4 milion euro.

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