MEET PEGASO – a quantum leap in diagnostic, interventional and interope-rative imaging. Pegaso can scan the head and neck of a standing horse to C7 with a proprietary motion compensation system. Pegaso can also scan any part of an anesthetized horse – with higher resolution and less radiation of a con-ventional CT*. Fluoroscopy is available with the push of a button. The Pegaso delivers soft and hard tissue imaging that is so stunning, the world has never seen anything like it.

Pegaso use our HDCT technology to provide micro CT quality resolution and soft tissue contrast – that will match or beat any conventional CT scanner. With a quick and intuitive workflow, and cleaver ergonomic features, it’s clear that Pegaso is engineered and designed specifically for the needs of equine veteri-narian. Our technology offers higher resolution than conventional MSCT (Multi Slice Computed Tomography). With incredible contrast to allow extraordinary imaging of soft and hard tissue. Viewing micro fractures, ligament tears, carti-lage lesions and other lesions that have never been visible in the past, are now simple to image with the Pegaso and the results are stunning.

The 1.2 meter variable geometry, tilting gantry, allows scanning of a standing head and neck to C7 with our motion componsantion system.

  • Spatial resolution with isotropic voxels of as small as 0.2 mm
  • Contrast Resolution to match any conventional CT: means bone, ligaments, muscles and nerves are easily discernible
  • Variable geometry gantry (1.3 m to 1.0 m source detector) optimizes image quality for any part of the horse
  • Scan standing head and neck up to C7
  • Gantry tilt to 10°
  • Radiation lower than conventional CT
  • Volumetric data-set with no gaps
  • Adaptable for surgical navigation and surgical robotics.
  • 2D and 3D imaging software on-board
  • Export standard DICOM data

Scanner Unit

Length2090 mm
Height2319 mm
Internal Gantry Diameter1226 mm
Width2174 mm
Width in “transport” configuration1269 mm
Weight820 Kg (approx.) + 100 Kg (with lifters)

Mobile Console

Width785 mm
Height1780 mm
Depth685 mm
Weight110 Kg (approx.)

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