THE VIMAGO L HU – engineered for veterinarians to be used diagnosti-cally, intraoperatively and interventionally with the ability to quickly scan any patient from a mouse to a mastiff. Vimago L HU can be easily moved from room to room and plugs into any standard 220V outlet and can be used for CT, Fluo-roscopy and Digital Radiography. All this features in a device with lower cost of ownership than even a single slice conventional CT scanner.

  • Vimago realizes high resolution image and allows to have complete 3D re-construction of any animal and can use less radiadiation than standard CT.
  • Touch-screen panel to full control the system.
  • Vimago L HU is a mobile systems and can pass through a regular door of 800 mm.
  • These process, thanks to our software, needs only 30s time to scan and 60s to reconstruct 3D image.
  • Any system can be customized with different optional.

The Vimago L HU is an entirely new type of CT technology that has been engi-neered specifically for the veterinary market. Beyond its resolution, the Vima-go is one of the best imaging system designed specifically to be able to change environments and perform as a diagnostic, interventional and intraoperative device.

Max Scan length9 stack / 1175 mm
Length2310 mm
Height1644 mm
External Gantry Diameter1287 mm
Width1485 mm
Width in “transport” configuration739 mm
Weight420 Kg (approx.)

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